Ski Vacation-Exclusive Tips from Ski Town Locals

Breckenridge Ski Slopes Scenery Ski runs Mountains SnowEasy vacation tips and hacks for your ski vacation from ski town locals who know how to navigate the busy resort town.

Coming to a new ski town for your ski vacation can be intimidating. Wishing you knew where the heck to park and the best places to eat, yet having to take a guess at it can be frustrating. Take a deep breath, because you are about to see some inside information you wish you would have known before.

Leave the other tourists to wonder around aimlessly, here is your new game plan…

  • PRE-PURCHASE LIFT TICKETS: Have your lodging company pre-purchase your lift tickets to skip the long ticket window lines on your first day. This way you can pick up your lift tickets at the same time as you check into your lodging accommodations.
  • SCHEDULE SKI DELIVERY: Schedule ski delivery for the evening you arrive and you will be ready to go the next morning without having to find a ski shop. Black Tie Ski Delivery will deliver your ski or snowboard equipment for free and your rental package starts the following day. With prices that are comparable or better than the ski shop, why wouldn’t you save tons of time and hassle and have them bring the skis to you.
  • APPOINT GROCERY GRABBERS:  Send one-two people from your group to do the grocery shopping. Apre ski grocery store crowds can turn any happy camper grumpy. The stores are packed from 3:30-7:00 pm with loads of tired skiers wondering the aisles deciding on their next meal.
  • EAT AT OFF HOURS:  Hit the slopes early and eat lunch at off hours. If convenient, bring your own food to save time in the lunch line for more time skiing or relaxing in the mountain sunshine.
  • SKI ELEVATED: Ski staying towards the upper lifts to alleviate cramped ski runs. Most skiers stay close to the base area and on the green level runs. If you don’t mind leaving your buddies behind, use the singles lift line to get up quicker and get more runs in.
  • CALL A DRIVER: Uber drivers are available and easy to get during busy ski vacation times. Get your own private ride into town or on your errands by downloading, signing up and using the Uber drivers in the area.

Trust us, using these ski vacation tips will save you tons of time and hassle, so you can do what you came here for….. VACATION!