How To Save Yourself From Ski Boot Regret

Ski boot rental advise is FREE with every ski rental with Black Tie Ski!

We ALWAYS have back up sizes for you to try on if the first fit is not perfect.Breckenridge Keystone Copper Mountain Ski rentals

It’s only been two runs and you are in agony. You may be familiar with this scenario.

Did you know that ski boot regret is completely avoidable! Black Tie ski technicians will not throw you in any size boot, pat you on the back and send you on your way. We take our time making sure all your ski and snowboard gear is comfortable to YOU.

Do not expect a ski boot to feel like a regular pair of boots. You will experience different sensations if you are not familiar with how ski boots feel. Made of thick padding and a forward-lean hard plastic shell, ski boots are made for the sport at hand.

Over buckling the boots will cause circulation to slow and create discomfort. However, not buckling the boots snug enough may lead to sore shins.

Listen carefully as your ski technician walks you through the correct feelings of how a ski boots is designed to fit and function.

When you slide your foot into the first boot presented to you, the technician will ask you a series of questions to ensure that you are in the proper boot for your foot. Flex several times in your boots to allow your feet to fall in to position. If the first try does not succeed, we have back up pairs standing by for the correct fit. You too will be saved from the dreaded ski boot regret.