How to Go On a Ski Vacation Like a Celebrity-Without Going Over Budget

Spa Scene Rolled Towels Ski Slopes We all want to travel like the rich & famous seen in the magazines, but the reality is we have other things in life to pay for besides extravagant ski vacations.

You’re day dreams say “luxury” but your budget says “easy tiger.”

Don’t fear!

Ski vacation discounts are easier to get than you think.

First of all, go on your ski vacation either before Christmas or after spring break, these are the best times to find discounted lodging rates. From Christmas week through the end of March prime rates will apply for almost everything you do.

Find a lodging company that offers package discounts you are looking for. Many management companies offer a bonus ski day pass or discounted activities such as snowmobile tours.

Use a travel wholesaler a.k.a. travel agent. They are so far from obsolete these days, maybe even more handy then they used to be. Travel agents are able to get discounts not available to anyone else. Let them know your budget and they do all the work, getting their kick back from the businesses they send you to and giving you the best rates on lodging, activities and more.

Order ski delivery for the same price as going to a beat up ski shop! You will feel pampered as the ski techs personally fit your ski boots. Complimentary slope-side service you want? Done. Black Tie Ski will meet you at the base area if you lose a pole or need a longer ski. Now that’s a service you want everyone to see you get.

Check for group discounts if you are traveling in a herd and make the most of saving a few bucks here and there.

Use a spa without all the amenities. Don’t go without getting your deep tissue massage save a few. Your body will thank you. Just use a massage therapist that is not attached to a high end day spa offering thermal body bathes. Skip the fluff and get straight to the business of muscle body work and feel like a million bucks.


These ski vacation discount ideas will leave you feel like luxury but not dreading checking your bank account.

Depending on your mountain of choice, there are always ways to stretch your budget to get more for the money.